Adam Leigh

Since Graduation from Rose Bruford College I have sought to flex my technical muscle in various ways by always being open minded and multi skilled. All my engagements have been for professional companies, such as Birmingham Rep to Oxford Playhouse and spanning such tasks as Carpenter / Fabricator to Studio manager to Lighting designer.

Over the last couple of years I have developed a keen interest in being involved in all kinds of arts activities. I am finding that I really enjoy site specific engagements more than anything, especially being outdoors. The challenge is new and refreshing and being a man of the Earth, (or christened as such!),  I enjoy being outside rather than cooped up in a black box.

As I'm slowly finding a quiet way to persuade people that we need to do something about saving our planet, I'm developing a way of integrating art events, artistes and the public so we can all enjoy the world around us without having to destroy it. It is hard sometimes to convince people that although I'm an all-round technician, applying those skills to help artists realise their goals is an art form in itself.

The hardest thing about being a pragmatist is appreciating abstract concepts, so here goes!


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