Genius Loci is a multimedia group of creative artists, whose work expresses a spirit of place.

Genius Loci works with natural sites which have channelled humanity but which remain relatively unchanged themselves.

As much as is possible at this stage in history, we focus not on the heritage of the man-made environment, but go in pilgrimage to the older stories of the land at caves, springs, passes, fords etc, where the human tale takes its place among the many chapters of timeless wilderness.

Rather than install a body of work from elsewhere, we seek to approach in a spirit of exploration and discovery. We engage our creative process with the elements of the site and with the local community and seek to give voice to the Genius Loci already in residence, with all the skills available to us across a wide palette of art forms. These include movement art, photography, installation, sound design, writing, film, theatre, puppetry, storytelling, craft and lighting design. See the ARTISTS page for more details.

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