The first artwork to be put up here is Steve Watson's film centred on the creswell crags valley. Click on the following links to watch...

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Secondly, here are two poems by Stef Smith arising from the Genius Loci work at Creswell:

Catching a Glimpse

Catching a glimpse
of our own back running
seeing our image
chasing ourselves, finding
a part of ourselves we have lost
our people, our place
violently unearthed
wanting to know what
where we have come from
that chasing again

scratch and scratch until we bleed
scratch and scratch that flow again
scratch and scratch we are washed away
washed away to a finding place

hold me, have me
know me, know thyself
deeply hidden

scratch and scratch again
marking our place
within the circles
passages through and round
up and out
losing ourselves
through, round, up and out
finding again
through round up out
through .... round .... up ..... out


losing and finding

i saw myself
i recognised her
as a person i was knowing again
having seen her once before
in a life time passed
passed away and washed away
by time
and time again

her veil was lifted
she released her past (my past)
her future (my future) her everything (my everything)
and started once again
once upon a time
only yesterday

relived the making
the marking of ourselves the earth
how big how vast
how great the flow of energy
the power
it was part of us
the slow power
surging breaking through
the slow beautiful power
destruction creation
making its path taking its path
can you feel her presence

she revealed other knowings
through herself of herself
from and within
a part of us
he she we and on
we are her she is us
we pay homage to her and ourselves
we visit her
find a place within
a place where we find ourselves
back to the mark
lose ourselves
persistent, perpetual, permanent, powerful
round we go again
losing and finding
the ice
losing and finding
the meltwater
losing and finding
the rock
losing and finding
the space
losing and finding