Brian Boothby

The fascination of nature, the land, their stories and their special places has been with me since childhood and keeps recurring, no matter what medium I am using. For as long as I can remember, through times as musician, poet, traveller, songwriter, composer, sound designer and musical director for theatre, an earthy realism, an acute environmental awareness and a love of moving through wild landscapes both in the UK and abroad, has inspired much of my best work, and partly led to the genesis of Genius Loci.

I originally qualified with a degree in languages, but have worked instead, (while writing songs, poetry and a novel,) as harness-maker, as labourer/craftsman in agriculture and building, and in a variety of roles within traditional and contemporary world/roots music and theatre. I have been a member of numerous bands, including Loscoe State Opera and my own, Tomorrows Ancestor, and have played abroad in Brittany, Holland, Galicia and Portugal. I have recorded a variety of albums from traditional folk to guided visualisation. I was freelance Musical Director with the Oxford School of Drama for over 15 years where I performed, designed and recorded music for a wide range of theatre as well as developing their unique ''Selfsong'' courses.

I also have artistic and organisational roles within Glastonbury Festival and The Big Green Gathering, facilitating the Healing Area Music Space, an acoustic venue for the development of heartfelt performance and participatory listening.

Genius Loci gives me the golden opportunity to work in partnership with other like minded artists whose beliefs and work I have admired, in some cases for many years, in some cases a matter of months, while also indulging my love of the natural environment.


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