David Judd

Joined the navy at 15, went around the world 3 times, discovered he was a pacifist, salmon fished the Pacific Ocean, taught English as a foreign language, worked as a puppeteer in Holland, has built bridges ( and burnt them ), picked peaches in the Pyrenees, taught PE to murderers and triads in a top security prison in the South China Seas and played semi - professional basketball on Chinese television. He speaks fluent Cantonese and has worked on Chinese radio as a sports commentator.

For many years now, he has been a chainsaw sculptor, and his work can be seen both in private collections and community settings. He holds qualifications in playwork, forestry and as a tutor in further education. He co - leads art and crafts workshops with his wife Joy Pitt, and administrates their arts business, ''Tales from the Heartwood''.


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