Future Projects

As with all arts organisations future projects are bubbling under all the time. The one most likely to happen is the one outlined on the news or current pages.

Wherever there is land which fits the Genius Loci criteria, there is potential for a project, not just in the UK but elsewhere too.

All the artists in the collective are keen to apply their skills to further projects and explore the spirit of place of new sites. By doing this we can increase both the quality and quantity of public interest in a site.


In terms of quality, the depth and breadth of our work in its research and creative development empowers those who witness what we do.

The finished result and the developmental process both say to others that this IS a new, valid and forward-thinking way of looking at our environment.

It IS only by looking at our world through the eyes of wonder that we understand our place within it.

At this time of global weather change, where we are increasingly seeing the consequence of our centuries of mechanistically treating the world as simply a warehouse and refuse dump, our 'pilgrimage' approach enriches the environmental debate, provides an alternative modus operandi and helps to reverse the powerlessness of our situation.

Through making bold, thought-provoking art in unusual natural locations we can help to spread the message that there IS another way of going about living on this earth.


In terms of quantity, an arts event draws in people, whether they are interested in high art, a participatory workshop or simply a trip out on a sunday afternoon.

We try to make our work accessible to all, while remaining true to the inspiring vision. Yet sometimes it is only through locking horns with established views of what art is and where it should happen, that any change happens at all. We don't shrink from this either.

We would love to hear from you if you are in a position to commission us, or even if you're not and have feedback to give. As with all arts organisations, (again), it is funding that holds the ideas back. We are all professionals, with our own overheads, so though we'd love to do it for free, and often do in small ways, we do welcome financial, as well as ecological, sustainability!

Wherever a fresh approach is required to a specific natural site, our work can dramatically increase the impact and effectiveness of your work. We will happily work with other organisations to promote a saner society where we all walk much lighter on the earth, with greater understanding of our ecosystems and a deeper awareness of how inextricably linked we all are to planet home.

To get in touch email info@geniuslociart.org