Steve Jarvis

As Stephen Jarvis' 8ft, mirrored, mystical dancing figures hang delicately along the cliff wall at Creswell Crags we can see more than this one installation, the view reaches beyond into a culmination of the artist's past and present inspirations.

In the late 1990's Jarvis studied photography at Derby University where he had the fortunate experience of working with John Blakemore. The tangible softness and deliberate care in Blakemore's work inspired Jarvis to uncover the spiritual essence that lay at the root of his photography. Jarvis photographs either found objects or site specific sculptural pieces he has made, and in each case he uses the medium of photography to reveal a spiritual, philosophical or emotional subtext within the object or place.

The mirror shapes at Creswell Crags originated as etchings on the dark cave walls in an area now closed to the public. These ancient markings take on the essence of a playful spirit as they dance in the light along the cliff walls, and we can see represented litterally and sculpturly that which his photographs have offered previously. This spirit essence that was hidden in the dark is brought out and revealed to the public eye.

This latest work by Stephen Jarvis also offers us a glimpse of where his work may go next. The mirrors are bold and playfull; they interact with the landscape reflecting changes as they happen. The images they capture are not planned, rather they are fluid, allowing for random connections. Jarvis has recently begun making short video pieces, embracing the fluidity of the medium to discover new levels of meaning.

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